Purity: Foria's Foundation

Our Commitment to Purity

Because of the intimate nature of our products, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard for purity. 

We’re fanatical about finding the most pristine, sustainably-grown and carefully-processed ingredients on the planet — either organic-certified or else grown to organic standards. The day the USDA starts certifying organic cannabis, our farms will be the first in line. 

Our extraction & production facilities meet the highest operational standards for food and nutraceuticals, and our cannabis oil is CO2-extracted (the gold standard for purity). Raw ingredients and final products are all independently-tested for solvents, pesticides, microbes, and other toxins.

Why Sourcing Matters

Making health-enhancing products is about more than delivering a clean product to the consumer. If the whole process pollutes our air, water and the other life-support systems, it defeats the purpose of making healthy products in the first place. We're all in the same boat together.

Cannabis Farms & Production Facilities

California and Colorado regulate their cannabis supply chains and require testing for contaminants — but they do not mandate responsible use of soil, water, energy and labor. Our commitment to purity & sustainability led us to seek out the most pristine and responsibly-sourced cannabis available.

Our California cannabis is sourced from a cooperative of multi-generational cannabis farmers in Mendocino and Humboldt counties — FlowKana.

Each farm uses permaculture & agroforestry techniques to preserve local soil ecology and watershed purity, in harmony with California’s vibrant northern forestlands.

This care and attention yields next-level results in the purity of their cannabis and the quality and yield of their cannabinoids and terpenes. Final curing, trimming, and extraction take place at FlowKana’s state-of-the-art processing & storage facility. Foria’s products are extracted exclusively using CO2 (which leaves no toxic solvent residues).

Our Colorado cannabis is sourced from a family-owned farm and processing facility that is pioneering responsible and sustainable techniques in their outdoor farm and advanced greenhouses — Los Sueños.

The farm is entirely pesticide-free, using the least-invasive practices possible, ensuring vibrant soil that feeds robust cannabis with unique cannabinoid profiles.

The on-site processing & storage facility ensures the freshest, cleanest cannabis possible, and our full-spectrum cannabinoid oil is extracted exclusively with CO2.

Other Organic & Sustainable Ingredients

We're delighted to be the only cannabis company using 100% organic carrier oils for our topicals & suppositories.

Relief & Explore come in fragrant, organic-certified cocoa butter. Pleasure comes in organic-certified MCT coconut oil made entirely from sustainably-grown young coconuts (never with palm oil, which uses slash-and-burn plantation farming). Our MCT oil is cold-centrifuge extracted and is not deodorized, ensuring the freshest, most pure and naturally aromatic oil on the market.

Wondering why the ingredients list doesn't say "organic" in California? An obscure regulation treats cannabis products differently from every other product in the country, requiring us to leave "organic" off the label even when that's accurate.

CA License: CDPH-T00000124

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