This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Anal

"If you’re worried about relaxation, CBD oil lubes, like Awaken by Foria Wellness can help the muscles around your anus relax."

The 24 Best CBD Products in America

"Let’s be real: everything is better with lube. "

Does CBD Improve Your Sex Life? We Asked Experts & Here's What They Said

"CBD-hemp products like Foria Awaken can heighten pleasure, ease anxiety and help with sexual discomfort."

BUST's Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

"This CBD lube may not get your pussy high, but it does smell (and taste) really nice and the kava kava and essential extracts will heighten your pleasure without getting all sticky and messy."

Elevate the Mood With These CBD-Infused Lubes

"Within a few minutes I’m feeling a lovely warm sensation below along with a surprise burst of cardamom that’s very sensual. I feel at ease and completely relaxed."

I Use CBD Every Single Day, Here's Why

"The best thing I've found for pain is Foria Wellness Awaken, which is a natural arousal lube."

How to Take Care of Your Vagina After Rough Sex

"You won’t get high on this lube. It does, however, help alleviate pain, and increase sensitivity and blood flow to the clitoris and vulva."

68% of People Say CBD Improves Sex

“Foria Awaken contains our proprietary extract of kava kava root which stimulates the same receptors as THC...”

High Powered

"An aphrodisiac elixir that boosts sensation and arousal while minimizing tension, dryness, and discomfort."

Here's Why You Should Buy CBD For Everyone You Know This Holiday

"Awaken has a quick onset, and only minutes after being sprayed, I could feel things begin to, well, awaken."

Unnecessary Roughness: How to Heal from Common Sex Injuries

"It’s a CBD-laced personal lubricant that is helpful in getting your engine revving that much faster."

Is Weed Lube the Key to Your Best Sex Ever?

"One company's cannabis-based lube (and nationwide legal alternative) may elevate your O's to a whole other level."

This Is Your Vagina On Weed Lube

"I'm not sure whether or not you can get addicted to a lube, but I've been pretty hooked on this stuff ever since I first gave it a try. "

Get Wet: 6 Cannabis Products That Can Help with Vaginal Lubrication

"It smells like mint chocolate chip, doesn’t taste bad, and feels good during and after massaging it on."

Awaken Will Wake Up Your Arousal

"The latest from Foria provides an experience that lives up to the name."

Five Cannabis Products That Are Perfect For Date Night

"The best part is that this product can be shipped anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything illegal if you’re living in a state where cannabis isn’t legalized."

CBD Companies That Actually Want You to Understand What You're Buying

"They want every potential customer to understand the ins and outs of their CBD products."

Sex Is Painful For Me — These 9 Things Help

"I recommend applying to your area of choice prior to becoming intimate to give it time to do its magic. It helps reduce my pain, burning, and also makes it feel better."


The Cannabis Lovers Gift Guide

"This natural arousal lubricant, infused with THC, is formulated specifically for women to increase pleasure and tactile sensations, to decrease tension and dryness, and overall to enhance orgasms."

Pot-based sex spray for women hitting Colorado shelves

"A new pot spray promising to help women have better sex will hit the shelves in Colorado next week.We definitely have patients requesting."

My Girlfriend and I Got Busy Using a Cannabis Lube

“An orgasm with Foria feels like the most amazing thing your body has ever felt in your whole life. I can't explain it -- it's out of this world."

There’s a stigma around lube. These brands want to change that.

"Foria’s Pleasure THC Arousal Lube claims to “enhance tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness.”

Best in State: 2018's Top Cannabis in Southern California

"The LA-based company places a strong emphasis on sex positivity and education, and its products stimulate glowing testimonials from users across the sexual spectrum who claim orgasms are stronger, better, and easier to achieve with Foria."

Can Marijuana Save Your Skin—And Your Sex Life?

"Increases blood flow and nerve sensation—amplifying sexual pleasure and intensifying orgasms."

I Went on a Month-Long Quest to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

"Adding cannabis oil to solo sex makes it more of a ritual, and it feels quite glam to have a stoned vagina."

Sex While High with Emily Glaser

After experimenting with with Foria, T.J. Miller, Pete Holmes and Nikki trade stories.

New pot spray promising better sex life for women

“We’ve had so many products on the market to address male sexual function and enhancement and this is really the first thing coming out that works for women.”

The Cannabis-Tinged Quest for the Female Orgasm

"With the THC lube, there’s only the initial shock to my system, and then sex becomes easy and pleasurable quickly and for longer."

The Truth About Organic Lubes

"I tried a bunch and one was way better than the rest."

Sexy Time: An Oil to Get Your Lady Parts Stoned

"A weed treat for the lady parts made to stimulate and heighten sexual response, induce relaxation and lubrication, and relieve tension."

Sexual Assault Survivors Share How Weed Treats Their PTSD

"I was able to have penetrative sex without pain for the first time in over a decade."

Foria Cannabis Lube Aims To Heal Humankind One Orgasm At A Time

"Pleasure is absolutely a gateway to a whole host of challenges that our species faces, many of which because we’re just out of alignment with our own sexuality."

A new study suggests marijuana could be a miracle drug in the bedroom

"That would be good news for women, who have been largely ignored in the sexual dysfunction arena."

Things to Know About Getting Your Vagina High

" Have you ever wondered, it possible to get my vagina stoned? Wonder no more..."

The Jewish story behind this sexy pot product

“We’re triggering the next sexual revolution”

Have Difficulty Orgasming? Cannabis Can Help

"The research revealed 70 percent of participants experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Cannabis Lube Will Give You A Real Internal High

"It gives women a sense of embodiment, a sense of dropping into a more full relationship to sexual sensations, and sensations around the body."

Marijuana-infused product could be the key to a better sex life

"It's a topical that is applied to the vagina and the THC is absorbed through the tissues, and actually acts as a vasodilator, which is similar to a Viagra, which increases blood flow."

How The Legalization of Marijuana Affects Your Skin

"Foria Pleasure promises to boost bedtime fun with sensation-heightening cannabis and coconut oils."

Marijuana-Infused Sex Spray To Hit Stores

"The latest, Foria, a spray containing marijuana extract that claims to improve sex for women. "

Cannabis Could Treat Sexual Dysfunctions in Both Sexes

Cannabis could treat sexual dysfunctions in both sexes, including Erectile Dysfunction in men and Sexual Arousal Disorder in women.

Orgasm Harder with Cannabis-Infused Oils

"Sexual lubrication just got better with cannabis."

I Got My Pussy Stoned with Weed Lube

Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Awaken has a quick onset, and only minutes after being sprayed, I could feel things begin to, well, awaken.

Sex Workers Speak About Their Relationships with Cannabis

"From 420-friendly date ideas, such as a smoke sesh in a park, to using cannabis pleasure sprays such as Foria, to lighting up to become more present in your body, to even kinky adult babies who love to get high, weed and sex make great bedfellows."

10 Casually Sexy Gifts for Your Cuffing Season Partner

"Weed lube is so hot right now, and you deserve to try it."

What marijuana does to your sex life

"There are plenty of testimonials from people who swear that cannabis lubricant prolongs orgasm and cannabis tampons will relieve period pain."

Get Wet: 6 Cannabis Products That Can Help with Vaginal Lubrication

"Foria Pleasure rules at making sex feel better, body-high-wise."

Foria on Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher talks about Foria and how men and women can benefit.

CNBC Covers Foria

Women talk about their experiences with Pleasure and how it helps them discover new things about their bodies.

Real Housewives

VanderPump Discovers FORIA Pleasure on Bravo when the crew enters a dispensary and learns about FORIA.

Conan O'Brien

Sex Expert Dr. Jennifer Berman Praises FORIA on Conan

Fox31 Covers Foria in Colorado

Foria wellness formulas unite traditional herbs & botanicals to create natural enhancement products that are thoughtfully designed for both women & men.


Foria’s Menstrual Suppositories Want To Help Your Period Cramps & They’re Studying Them For Science

"Foria has enlisted Dr. Stacy Gruber at Harvard's McLean Hospital, to head up a new study on the efficacy of Foria Relief."

Exploring Cannabis and Women’s Health With Dr. Mary Clifton

"A new study by a researcher at Harvard is tackling the subject of cannabis’ medicinal properties for menstrual pain and pairing with cannabis brand Foria."

I Tried Cannabis Suppositories For Cramps From My Period

"Cannabis suppositories for cramps are said to provide immediate and powerful relief for women on their periods. I put them to the test."

I Tried 5 Alternative Period Cramp Cures and Here's What Actually Worked

"Four "bowing deeply" emojis, because I was truly in awe of this weed butter vagina experience."

Foria Relief, a suppository meant to soothe menstrual cramps.

"The capsules are made from organic cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate, and offer pain relief by activating cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region."

A Brief History of Women Using Weed For Their Sexual Health

"Experts believe women in Ancient Egypt were putting weed inside their vaginas to ease the pain of childbirth."

The Case for Putting Weed Up Your Vagina

"After their introduction of weed lube changed people's lives, Foria is back, with a cannabis vaginal suppository meant to ease the hell that is menstrual cramps."

Inserting Marijuana Into Your Vagina Can Now Relieve Menstrual Cramps

"The THC actually blocks the pain by going straight to your nerve endings of your female parts while the CBD helps ease the inflammation that comes with menstrual cramps."

Women Are Changing the Way Cannabis is Viewed, Consumed, and Understood

"One woman reached out after Foria Relief put an end to her decade-long battle with endometriosis."

There's Now Weed For Menstrual Cramps

"Users have reported a significant decrease in the pain and discomfort often associated with menstruation."

Cannabis Tampons

Say goodbye to your cramps!

These Weed Suppositories Could Help Mellow Your Period Cramps

"Research has suggested that marijuana can provide pain relief, so it's starting to occur to people that weed just might help with period cramps."

A Suppository that Transforms that Time of the Month

"The pelvic region contains more cannabinoid receptors than any other part of the body except for the brain..."

Are Cannabis Capsules the Answer to Fixing Bad Period Cramps?

"Some research suggests it helps the nerves in the uterus, cervix and ovaries to relax and block pain by suppressing the mechanisms responsible for inflammation."

Women are putting cannabis inside their vaginas - here's why

"The new tampon-sized pill is made from a mixture of cannabidiol and cocoa butter infused with THC - the active ingredient in marijuana ..."

Weed Can Help Your Girlfriend In One Major Way

"Get all natural relief from period pain, by literally getting your vagina stoned."

We Tried "Weed Tampons" To Fight Period Cramps

"We're going to get our vaginas high!"

This Marijuana Product Could Cure Menstrual Cramps

"The suppository will work by lessening pain, inflammation, muscle cramping, and even stress."

Women Are Sticking Weed Up Their Vaginas to Relieve PMS Pain

Can a hoo-hah get high?

Cannabis Tampons Could Relieve Your Most Painful Cramps

Find out why some women swear by hiding something green in nature's pocket.

Why are women putting cannabis in their vaginas?

"The pelvic region contains more cannabinoid receptors than any other part of the body except for the brain."

Get Her Something She Really Need For Valentine's Day: Vagina Weed

See How Weed Inserted Into The Vagina Can Soothe Menstral Cramps And Change The World.

Women have been saying it works for 10,000 years

"I was not surprised at how well the suppository worked. What I was surprised about was the longevity."

The Year in Weed

"Cannabis has a long, cross cultural history of use as a natural aide in easing symptoms associated with menstruation."

You can now treat your vagina to its own special stash of marijuana

For period cramps, not to get high

Could marijuana cure menstrual cramps?

Lawmakers in the state, which has already legalized medical marijuana, are poised to add menstrual cramps to the list of conditions that warrant taking the drug.

Here’s Another Way to Consume Marijuana

"The capsules are all-natural and offer pain relief by activating cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region."

How to Use Cannabis at Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle has four distinct phases, during which you'll fee a variety of physical and emotional sensations. Here's how to use cannabis to help.

Marijuana In Your Hoo-Ha To Combat Period Cramps — Who Knew?

"Foria developed a magical honey pot potion that you insert via a suppository to help ease the pain of your menstrual cramps."

Getting Rid of Period Cramps by Putting Weed in Your Vagina

"We know that cannabis does help pain. We do see a lot of patients with dysmenorrhea, or painful menstrual periods. It’s a fantastic modality to help patients."

The Pot Capsule That Could End Menstrual Cramps

“I have always really struggled with the incredible pain of cramps and this has definitely been the most effective method in ridding the pain.”

A Brief History of Women Using Weed for Their Sexual Health

"The suppositories work — and last a surprisingly long time."

New marijuana capsule aims to eliminate PMS

"… our intention is to share the powerful medicinal properties of this plant while utilizing modern extraction techniques to standardize purity and potency."

Woman Claims Feds Barred Her for Period Pot

Lipof said she was denied because she told customs she regularly took an oral Cannabidoil (CBD) for relief from painful menstrual cramps and crushing migraines.

Pot-infused feminine products are making PMS a trip

A weed-infused suppository that promises to alleviate menstrual pain without giving you a “head high.”

Marijuana for menstrual cramps?

"The compounds can also act on the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix and ovaries to block pain."

Sticking Weed in Your Vagina Can Help Your Period Cramps

"Millions of women experience extreme pain every month, especially in those suffering from endometriosis, a painful condition where tissue that lines the womb is found outside of the uterus."

Women are putting cannabis in their vaginas- but not to get high

She added that while other pain relief methods wore off, “one Foria suppository did its job well into my evening.”

Do marijuana suppositories relieve severe menstrual cramps?

The aches, headaches, and nausea that can come along with a monthly menstrual cycle can be unbearable for some...

Make Way for Cannasexuality

L.A. creators are using weed to reduce menstural cramps.

Weed Suppositories Actually Exist

"each suppository contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD, which will get your vagina stoned without going straight to your head."

People were shocked by the world’s first weed-infused vagina pill...

"The insert aims to maximize muscle relaxing and pain relieving without getting you high."

Marijuana-infused suppository helps to relieve menstrual cramps

"The world’s first cannabis-infused vaginal suppository was released this week by Foria, which promises to relieve..."

Foria Relief on Saturday Night Live

New marijuana based vaginal suppository can help women who have been suffering from menstrual pain.

Basics CBD Tonic

How to Buy the Best Safe and Effective CBD Products

"The key differentiator is getting to know the brand."

Basics CBD Suppositories

CBD Regulation Will Pave the Way for a Boom of New Products

"...excited to see more CBD products for women’s health, noting that cannabis-based sexual wellness brand Foria is about to launch a line of CBD-only products."

Sex Is Painful For Me — These 9 Things Help

"I use these for both sexual pain and menstrual pain, but this post is about sex so that's what we're gonna talk about. I generally insert 30 minutes prior to any sort of sexual activity, and it's helpful for burning, aching, and the pain I had associated with arousal."

Foria’s CBD Menstrual Suppositories Want To Help Your Period Cramps & They’re Studying Them For Science

"Compared with CBD edibles and tinctures, these suppositories activate local receptors much faster."

Kiana Reeves, Ben Odell of Foria Wellness on Tech of Sports Podcast

"There’s an unorthodox new method for men to treat lower back and pelvic pain that’s not only safe but also highly effective: CBD suppositories."

How to Buy the Best Safe and Effective CBD Products

"The key differentiator is getting to know the brand."


The Cannabis Gift Guide, for Adventurous Users Only

"For men and women, Foria “Explore” relaxes that area with 30 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD to enhance pleasure and decrease discomfort. "

This Cannabis Suppository Is Said To Make Anal Sex Better Than Ever

"There’s got to be a better way to receive the benefits of rectal cannabis consumption than sticking an infused ice cube..."

Seven Ways Cannabis Can Enhance Your Sex Life

"One of the most beautiful inventions since legalization is cannabis anal suppositories."

First Look at Foria Explore

"Explore’s reported benefits include: heightened pleasure, deeper penetration, pelvic relaxation, and diminished discomfort.”

Flow CBD Vape

A Cannabis Craze Takes Over Skin Care

"Flow, is a C.B.D. vaporizer pen that aims to promote a relaxed state of mind, though the chemical does not induce a high."

Foria News & Reviews

This Company Is Using Cannabis To Bridge The Gratification Gap And Treat Women’s Pain

" Foria has developed numerous products over the years to satisfy various women’s health issues. They are driven by customer feedback and, recently, ground-breaking research."

Congress Edges Closer to Legalizing Hemp

“It’s long overdue. It’s very welcome,” said Jon Brandon, co-CEO of Foria, a Colorado and California company that manufactures THC- and CBD-infused sexual health topicals such as lubricants."


"On today’s show, Emily is joined by Mathew Gerson and Kiana Reeves of Foria Wellness to talk about cannabis, sex, and how it can improve your pleasure and your sex drive."

Exploring Cannabis and Sexual Health with Foria Wellness on “Queens of the Stoned Age”

When the lights get low and it’s time to get in the mood, cannabis is our favorite all-natural aphrodisiac.

Farm Bill compromise allows nationwide hemp production for any use – including CBD

“You see CBD everywhere now, and that’s with all the challenges we’d have getting payment processing, financial services, advertising, all of it,” he said. “You have to just imagine where CBD is going to go when those constraints go away.”

A Gift Guide for the Feminist Cannabis Consumer in Your Life

"Foria products are the perfect gift for your closest, most sex-positive, feminist loved ones."

Everything you need to know about CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabis elixir Congress is expected to legalize this week

“Buy CBD from reputable brands with a demonstrated commitment to transparency and purity — including sharing test results for all claims about product content.”

No More Shrinking Violets: Feminine Care Marketers Tell It Like It Is

"We take stories from our community and look at what is important to them before going deeper on articles on the issues."

Cannabis, Sexuality and You : What You Need To Know

"Now that cannabis is legal in many states for both medicinal and recreational use, it’s time to refresh your knowledge about cannabis and all the ways you can use it for health and pleasure."

How to Buy the Best Safe and Effective CBD Products

"The key differentiator is getting to know the brand."

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