TV Discovers Pleasure

If you make an interesting product in interesting times, you're gonna get some interesting coverage. 

Foria has been blessed with a great hook -- "weed lube". As soon as we hit the ground with Pleasure, our flagship product, people started talking. "Have you heard about the weed lube?" they said. "They're making weed lube now!" It didn't take long for the media to notice...

Pleasure TV Highlight Reel

A buffet of media figures, from Conan O'Brien to Bill Maher to assorted local news anchors, being incredulous and delighted that Pleasure exists. (Does it ever.)

Dr. Jennifer Berman Talks Pleasure with Conan O'Brien 

Urologist and sexpert Dr. Berman explains what Pleasure is, what it does, & how it's used, to a bemused (and amusing) Conan and Andy.

Foria Relief throws SNL for a loop

One of those occasional Saturday Night Live moments where the cast breaks character, all because of our Relief suppositories.

Vanderpump Rules Discovers Foria Pleasure 

"You spray it on your vagina?" Yes. Yes you do, Vanderpump person.

Pleasure on Bill Maher... 

...who has such a good idea for the guys that we're almost loath to correct him. (It's an oil, not a gel, Bill.)

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