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Human sexuality is individual as a fingerprint, and Foria’s clients report experiences as unique as they are. Despite the profound variability of the human experience, everyone can agree that there’s always room for more and deeper pleasure.

We receive countless testimonials from women reporting that Foria Pleasure, the world’s first cannabis-infused lubricant, provides increased sensation, improved access to orgasm, and enhanced pleasure and intimacy -- both with their partners and with their own vibrant selves.

Stories like these are what keep us going.

Zoe, 51: Zoe doesn’t consider herself a “pot person”, smoking infrequently at best. Nevertheless, she reports that Pleasure now figures prominently in her sex life. (Most women who try Pleasure report experiencing little to no psychoactivity, while still enjoying enhanced sensation & arousal.) “What is the worth of an amazing orgasm?” says Zoe. “I don’t think you can put a price on that.”  

Brittany, 28: Brittany reports that she was “a one-orgasm kind of girl” before she began using Foria Pleasure. “I never even thought multiple orgasms [were] possible.” Now, she says, that’s changed. She describes a newfound, unprecedented depth of sensation, “an orgasm coming from my soul.”

Leslie, 51: Leslie was introduced to Foria Pleasure while she was recovering from breast cancer. “It offered me a gift, to be able to stay in touch with my sexuality,” she says. And of the Foria orgasm, “Your neighbors are gonna freak out.”

Ashley, 29: Ashley is a sex educator and an experienced cannabis user who undertook her first Foria Pleasure experience solo, in an experimental frame of mind. She reports that her orgasms achieved a depth and dimension that she doesn’t usually experience when masturbating, and describes Foria-enhanced sex with her partner as “synergistic”.

Every body is unique. Foria’s all-natural, plant-based products interact differently with different body chemistry, and outcomes may vary. But variety is the spice of life -- especially when coupled with exploration, discovery, and the spirit of play.

Foria Pleasure is available to purchase in California and Colorado. Or try CBD-only Foria Awaken, available internationally and in all 50 states.

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