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Our picks of the companies that have carefully designed products to improve the quality of women's lives.

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Technology designed for women exploded in 2016, with new products hitting the market ranging from wearable trackers for expectant mothers to networking apps to help female professionals get ahead. "The online consumer market of women is a new phenomenon" in part because investors are waking up to the opportunity, says Anu Duggal, founding partner of the Female Founders Fund, a firm that invests in women-led startups. "The purchasing power of women is massive and becoming clearer."

Many of the female founders that made our list struggled for years to raise capital, but were able to convince investors in their vision through persistence and creativity (and of course, a solid business pitch). Miki Agrawal from Thinx, a period underwear maker, tells us she requested that one of her male investors wear a maxi pad during an entire meeting to get him to empathize with what women experience. Others like Morena Simatic, cofounder of wearables startup Bellabeat, had little trouble raising financing for a product designed specifically for women rather than a pink version of an existing product.

 Five years ago, Harvard Business Review conducted a landmark survey of professional women and found that most felt vastly underserved in the marketplace compared to men. That's starting to change. "Women were a neglected category, until recently," says Simatic.

To compile this list, we asked a range of investors and entrepreneurs and solicited feedback from dozens of women. Here are their picks, in no particular order.8. SEX AND SEXUAL HEALTH: FORIA

Two words: Vaginal cannabis. Many of the women we spoke to raved about Foria Relief, a cocoa butter-based cannabis for the vagina that is designed to help with menstrual cramps and other sexual health issues. That accompanies Foria Pleasure, a product that aims to increase sexual pleasure through a lubricant spray. As one happy customer described the experience: "(It was) like my vagina was kicking back on the beach in Mexico, without a care in the world." Sex and sexual health is a notoriously underfunded space, but Foria has garnered rave reviews from users and continues to sell well in Colorado and California.

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BuzzFeed Video Review of FORIA Relief "Women Try 'Weed Tampons' For Period Cramps

Weed Tampons, Buzzfeed, FORIA Relief, Women's Health, WomensHealth, Marijuana Tampons

"The things we have in our medicine cabinets are dangerous and we don't think of them as drugs.
BUT THEY ARE! They're drugs!"


"FORIA Relief is a cannabis-based product in the form of a vaginal suppository that dissolves with the heat of your body."
- Dr. Jennifer Berman, MD, Urologist and Female Sexual Medicine Expert


HELLOGIGGLES: Cannabis-Infused Female Suppositories aka "Marijuana tampons" are here and they could be SUPER effective

Marijuana tampons, Foria, Female Suppositories, Cannabis for Women


Created by Foria, the cannabis vaginal suppositories seek to take down cramps associated with periods. The handy little “tampons” were developed with our worst period moments in mind, and we’re feeling pretty grateful. One gynecologist told Racked that using cannabis for periods isn’t unheard of. According to Morton Barke, M.D., a retired gynecologist and medical director of a California medical marijuana evaluation center,

“We know that cannabis does help pain. We do see a lot of patients with dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is painful menstrual periods. It’s a fantastic modality to help patients.” - Sounds pretty darn good to us.

So what’s the science behind their products? ... They’re particular about their cannabis. Foria grows their cannabis in Northern California without the use of harmful pesticides. Which is basically one giant yay.

Their product contains THC and CBD. For those of us who aren’t super up-to-date on the inner workings of weed, the two key active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis are THC and CBD. The cannabinoids in Foria products interact with the nerves and muscles that cause cramps, encouraging less painful periods. THC in the tampons helps take down pain, while encouraging ~good vibes~ in the brain, while CBD encourages muscles and nerves to chill TF out.

So far, people are loving these tampons. Folks who have tried Foria since they released the suppositories this past January have said they have less hardcore cramps as a result of the product. So that’s fantastic news. 

Long story short? It just might be time to say goodbye to writhing around in pain while crying over your favorite rom coms, and, TBH, we can’t complain. As much as we ~love~ indulging in ice cream seven days out of every month, we’d much rather not be in total and complete agony.

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ABC10 News: Marijuana-Infused Inserts for Women Help with Discomfort without the Marijuana High
Foria Cannabis, Marijuana Tampons, Relief
KTVB News,
### Cannabis Infused Female Suppositories Are the Crazy New Cure for Cramps
“Weed” tampons have hit the consumer market, and so far they sound pretty legit.
“Weed” tampons have hit the consumer market, and so far they sound pretty legit. Photo Credit Yeko Photo Studio/Adobe Stock

When you’ve got a case of excruciating PMS cramps, you’d pretty much do anything to stop the pain. Now there’s an innovative solution out on the market — even if it might not be legal in every state.

Here’s the good news: This type of marijuana use isn’t for stoners. A new innovative company called Foria, which is known for cannabis-infused products like lubricants, has just released the “weed tampon.”

It’s the first to hit the market dedicated to treating menstrual cramps, but take note that it’s actually a suppository rather than an absorbent feminine hygiene product.

When it comes to organic sources of pain relief, marijuana is nothing new. It’s used to help with many ailments, including nausea and muscle pain. And with legalization sweeping across U.S. states and its many medical uses — from stopping seizures to treating cancer patients — this bud has gained legitimacy in the health and wellness industry.

Read more: Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana

The THC ingredient in the tampon helps with pain and muscle relaxation.
The THC ingredient in the tampon helps with pain and muscle relaxation. Photo Credit marjan4782/Adobe Stock

The product, Foria Relief, is created “using a delivery system intended to maximize the muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving properties of cannabis without inducing a psychotropic ‘high,’” says the company’s website.

The cannabis suppositories are made with organic cocoa butter, THC oil and CBD isolate. Some women have reported that it smells like cookie dough or cookie butter. And it keeps getting better: For you ladies that aren’t interested in getting all squinty-eyed, this product can still work for you because the THC won’t make you high.

Here’s how it works: The capsule is blended with a 6-to-1 ratio of THC oil (approximately 60 grams — twice as much as the average joint) to CBD isolate. The THC targets the nerves to block out the pain, while CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, helping relieve muscle spasms.

The company says that the combination of THC and CBD used in the vaginal suppositories are specifically designed to “activate certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced into the body.”

In short, marijuana’s magical ingredients go straight to where they’re needed.

Thus far, the Food and Drug Administration has neither approved the product nor ran it through clinical trials, but Foria is marketing it as completely safe and user-friendly — claiming the cannabis is grown without pesticides and that the product is made with no harmful contaminants.

The suppositories are currently only available in California and do not require a medical-marijuana card (although they do require a physician’s letter). Check back with the site from time to time to see if it expands into other states.

So far, the product has a four-star rating on its site along with highly positive reviews. Some women have noted relief from cramps within only 20 minutes. There is even talk about it being used as an aid in childbirth.

What Do YOU Think?

Would you try Foria Relief? What are your thoughts on marijuana becoming a major player in the health and wellness industry? Tell us in the comments!

BUST MAGAZINE: These New Marijuana Inserts for Women Could Be The Answer To Your Period Prayers


Once a month, I live through literal hell for seven to nine days straight. My uterus is tied in knots and wrung out by the invisible fists of the devil himself. My soul touches the void. I pound ibuprofen and Tylenol by the handful for little to no relief. Eventually, I fantasize about removing my uterus all together because I see no other solutions in sight. What a life that would be, devoid of insufferable, never-ending menstrual cramps. Rainbows and butterflies and the ability to venture out into the world and skip down the street period-pain-free, instead of writhing and whining in my bed and ordering an XL, grease-soaked pizza to my door (which only ends up making me feel worse). Ah, the joys of owning a uterus.

If your menstrual experiences mirror mine, first of all, I’m so sorry, I feel you. Second of all, hold up – there could be a sliver of hope for us yet. Foria, a company known for its cannabis-infused products (including their well-renowned weed lube), has just released an ingenious and potentially life-changing product: marijuana-infused ‘tampons.’ I use the word ‘tampon’ loosely, because they aren’t technically classified as such: rather, the brand refers to them as suppositories. But, they are inserted vaginally in a similar fashion, and they’re a period product, so might as well call ‘em tampons (I guess?).

Anyway, here’s the lowdown on how they work:

The suppositories, which come in packs of four, are made up of only three ingredients – fair trade cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate from organically grown hemp. You stick it in your vag and, supposedly, the cannabinoids cause the nerves in the uterus, cervix, and ovaries to block out pain and relax the constricted uterine muscles (aka, the source of that nasty cramping feeling). Unlike something you ingest orally, (Midol, Tylenol, et cetera), the suppositories attack the pain at the source. The vaginal walls absorb the natural medications directly into the bloodstream, providing imminent relief.

They aren’t yet FDA approved, and there is no factual research to prove their effectiveness, but users, like this writer from Broadly, have reported nearly immediate and long-lasting results. “Within 20 minutes, my cramps totally disappeared,” said Mish Barber Way. “I was not surprised at how well the suppository worked. What I was surprised about was the longevity. Midol will wear off after about half a work day, and during most periods I'll pop six a day. But one Foria suppository did its job well into my evening.”


If, like me, you’re willing to try literally anything to relieve your menstrual misery, you can buy a pack of Foria Relief on their website.

Sharon Letts takes us on the road with Dope Magazine

dope mag, sharon letts, Foria, Cannasexual

Sex, Paint, and Wedded Euphoria

By: Sharon Letts Photo: Sharon Letts - March 14, 2016


Los Angeles Sex Educator turned “Cannasexual” advisor Ashley Manta further discussed intimacy in the expo’s lecture room, displaying said products. To the young married couples just starting out, she shared, communication is key to a happy relationship.

“The most important thing I’m going to teach you is how to open your mouth and make words come out,” Manta laughed. “Communication is the key to everything in relationships. For a young couple about to be married, being able to process difficult emotions together in a supportive way is crucial.”

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Cannabis, Manta added, is the perfect substance for a honeymoon for many reasons. Manta said alcohol is a big variable, stating it could be a social lubricant, as many claim, or it could lead to arguments, withdrawing behavior, and the typical hangover. She further stated that there is no way to imbibe alcohol without having the typical side effects, other than intentionally consuming only a small amount, which rarely happens during a traditional alcohol-laden wedding reception.

“Cannabis allows more customization,” Manta explained. “A couple could begin the day with a back rub using medicated lotion, then shotgun a hit off of a joint as a foreplay tool. Foria’s topical could be added, with a 30-minute makeout session while waiting for the effect. The happy couple could then vape with sleepy indica and curl up together and cuddle.”

The abovementioned scenarios don’t have analogs for alcohol use, and Manta added that cannabis is highly conducive to experimentation and creative playfulness, helping couples feel more present in their bodies by heightening sensation.


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### Elevate Your Sex Game This Valentine's Day with these Hot Cannabis Sex Products

Author: Chuck Ludley at Green Rush Daily.

Click here to read the full article


Best Valentines Day Gift for the Cannabis Lover



Take your relationship “high”er this Valentines day with these Cannabis infused THC and CBD gifts. Medical marijuana has officially gained widespread acceptance in the majority of the country and recreational use is now legal in four states. So there has never been a better time to give your loved one something a little more special. From an odor-less purse to a very sensual oil these are special gifts you won’t find in your local shop…


$90 Available in California and here
Utilizing one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world, Foria is a sexual enhancement oil designed for women from natural liquid coconut oil and crafted from the female flower of the marijuana plant.

All you have to do is read the reviews to know how effective this product is. In the words of one Foria user “It. Was. Epic. I feel like I fell in love all over again. The connection was intense, fast-acting and allowed me to enjoy multiple occasions of high-frequency, long-lasting waves pulsing through my body (a rarity for us as a couple, let’s be real) Before eventually collapsing, out of breath, next to my lover.” 

That sounds like the valentines gift that keeps giving.


Bucket Bag $295, Clutch $175, Small case $120, Available here.
Women like cannabis but that doesn’t mean they want to advertise it or smell like a dispensary every time they open their purse.

The solution is the Annabis handbags and which clutches have a dedicated place for everything, from pipes to eye drops and breath mints. The bags are lined with an odor-blocking resin used in food preparation and medical technology to discretely conceal the cannabis aroma.

Perfect for a cannabis smoking women with style, it is a great gift that validates a women’s choice with a beautiful accessory.


$8, Available here.
No gift is complete without a card so give your special someone the ultimate stoner card from Kush Kards. With over 30 to choose from your sure to find the perfect card for every occasion. Enhanced with a match strike and the capability to insert a pre-rolled item of choice on each card.


Prices vary, *Sold throughout California, Find Locations Here.
Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning or a warm glass of coco when the temperature drops?

Well Pot-O-Coffee has sourced the finest & purest ingredients in the world and carefully handcraft them into perfectly infused Cannabis (THC) & Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) beverage blends for a premium taste that is sure to elevate your daily beverage routine.

CBD products will be available online the week of February 12, 2016. THC Products will be available in Colorado and Washington by the end of March 2016.


$40, Available here.
The Evoxe CBD Pen is the perfect gift for anyone who is looking for a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, relaxant and more!  With Evoxe you get the natural neuro-protectant properties of cannabis with non-psychoactive effects.

What makes this CBD pen so special is the non-psychoactive CBD oil is blended with essential oils like Frankincense to refresh you, Ylang Ylang to help lift your mood, Geranium to cleanse the body of toxins and Tangerine to awaken the senses.

This proprietary blend helps easy the stresses of the day and gives the gift of total well-being.


$225, Available here.
Show off your attention to detail with a very special evening where you sample world-class, locally harvested, small-batch craft Cannabis along with fine wines, a three-course gourmet meal prepared by a personal chef.   Located 90-minutes from Denver in the heart of Summit County, the gateway to year-round Rocky Mountain adventure and activity, Cultivating Spirits offers truly unique, one-of-a-kind Cannabis experiences.

The night starts with an intimate culinary demonstration, than you are escorted through the stunning Colorado Rockies in a luxurious Escalade limousine to an exclusive marijuana dispensary experience followed by a private wine tasting and finishing with a multi-course fine dining experience prepared before your eyes.

This is the ultimate way to say I love you.

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Sticking Weed in Your Vagina Can Help Your Period Cramps /
by Mish Way
JAN 28, 2016

This week, the notorious "weed lube" manufacturer Foria debuted a new product: Foria Relief, a vaginal suppository designed to ease menstrual cramps. We tried it to see if it works.

Whenever I get cramps, I complain. Whenever my husband asks me what a period cramp feels like, I give the same answer: "For about 20 seconds, it seems like two hands are ringing out your uterus as you would a wet washcloth," I say. "Like they are really trying to get all the water out in one go. Then, it stops for 15 seconds. That's awesome, but then it starts up again. This goes on for hours."

"Brutal," he replies.

"I imagine this is our version of being kicked in the balls. Except getting kicked in the balls is like a nasty sucker punch that is short and harsh, whereas period cramps are a drawn-out, annoying pain, like a mix between water torture and a tattoo on your pelvic bone."

"Both of those suck."

Most women will go through period cramping at some point in their lives, some worse than others. We all have that one friend who can't even move when she has her period—she's texting anyone who recently had dental surgery in hopes of something stronger than Midol. I never suffered from painful periods until I had my IUD inserted a few years back, and I accept the two-to-three days of intense cramping as a trade-off for the ease of that particular method of contraception. The way I see it, period cramps are part of the deal when your body is a human incubator.

But surely something could make them better. With the decriminalization of marijuana in California, Colorado, and Washington, there has been a push to market cannabis products more like lipstick than some evil drug. Combined with the possibilities for marijuana as medicine to help everything from headaches to sexual satisfaction, weed has become a huge part of women's health news. Among the most talked-about companies is Foria, a California-based brand that specializes in a THC-enhanced lubricant designed to increase female pleasure. (The product itself is named "Foria Pleasure.") Since the product's debut in spring of 2014 Foria has been known as the "weed lube" company; founder Mathew Gerson was just happy that the public was open to using THC for a healthier sex life.

As Foria circulated the press, however, it garnered attention and curiosity, and it eventually caught the eye of Beverly Hills urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman. The prominent physician, also known also for her television role on the Emmy-winning series The Doctors, was tipped off to Foria from a 75-year-old patient who was determined to fix her unsatisfactory sex life. She told Dr. Berman about this new "weed lube" she had read about in a magazine. It was reported to help women, especially those who are post-menopausal, regain orgasms and sexual pleasure. Dr. Berman did some research of her own, wondering if cannabis could help pelvic inflammation and pain. She got in touch with Gerson, and they started talking about new ideas.

Using the once-criminal plant to treat menstrual cramps made sense. "When a woman experiences menstrual cramps, the uterus is contracting," Berman told me over the phone. "The muscle goes into spasm, and it releases inflammatory mediators that exacerbate pain. Cannabis, in general, works to relieve muscle spasms by increasing blood flow and decreasing muscle contractions. When you increase blood flow, you help to restore oxygenation to the tissue, thereby decreasing inflammation and lessening discomfort."

The approval of drugs for women is lagging far behind that for men.
Berman and Gerson soon developed the idea for a new Foria product: a vaginal suppository to quell menstrual pain that would be named Foria Relief.

Dr. Berman stopping by the Foria van in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Mathew Gerson

"Large numbers of women were sharing with us the pain-relieving benefits they were experiencing using Foria Pleasure [the spray]," Gerson said. "Not just for menstrual cramps, but for endometriosis and pelvic pain."

A little over a year ago, I interviewed Gerson about his new weed lube, and at the time he was excited about his partnership with Dr. Berman. "Even if you put a little spray of Foria [Pleasure] on the top of the tampon when you insert it, it can relieve menstrual cramps," he told me. (I tried his trick, and it seemed to mildly help.) But he was working on something official and much more powerful.

Six months later, a package from Foria arrived at my house: a small, white tin box with the brand name, Foria, in blue and a marijuana leaf on top. The contents list read "240MG THC + 40MG CBD." Inside the $44 magic box were four individually wrapped vaginal suppositories, each about an inch long, made from concentrated organic cocoa butter. The first cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, assists in blocking pain while allowing the brain to receive pleasure signals, while the latter, cannabidiol, or CBD, works with the immune system to suppress inflammation. The instructions said to lie on your back with a pillow under your butt and insert the suppository as far up as you can, so the cannabinoids can do their work on the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix, and muscle tissue.

"When a medicine is delivered through the mucosa of the vagina, rather than orally or [as] a topical treatment, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream," Dr. Berman said. This means it can take effect faster than other pain relievers. "This is not about Foria being better or worse than prescription medication for treating cramps—nor is Foria FDA-approved, nor has it been clinically studied in women yet. All we are talking about is that cannabis-based products help relax the muscles, and the uterus is a muscle."

Dr. Berman stopping by the Foria van in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Mathew Gerson

When my cramps arrived a week later, I popped in a Relief and lay flat with a pillow elevating my butt, just as instructed. The strange thing about the original spray product, Foria Pleasure, is that using it in or on your vulva does not have the psychotropic effects that it does when ingested orally. (However, Gerson told me that some users, when they used Foria Pleasure for anal sex, did report feeling stoned.) The same is true for Foria Relief; I took the vaginal suppositories about an hour before an interview, confident that only my uterus would be high and happy.

Within 20 minutes, my cramps totally disappeared. Unlike recent "natural" products like "herbal detox pearls" (meant to "cleanse" your uterus), Foria consists of just three ingredients—cocoa butter, THC and CBD—all of which I have ingested for many years with no major problems. I was not surprised at how well the suppository worked. What I was surprised about was the longevity. Midol will wear off after about half a work day, and during most periods I'll pop six a day. But one Foria suppository did its job well into my evening.

When it comes to promoting women's sexual health, there are not many options by way of pharmaceuticals. Foria Pleasure sparked such popularity because it was the only product marketed at women to aid low sexual satisfaction or libido. Even though it was not FDA-approved, it was something—plus it was organic and made of simple ingredients. It was not until August of last year that the FDA announced their approval of the first pharmaceutical, Addyi (flibanserin), designed to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. The press release reads like any other advertisement for Zoloft or Lyrica, in that it says you can take this drug to help one problem, but it comes with a laundry list of other potential downfalls; consequently, the drug's release was widely regarded as a flop. Foria Pleasure, on the other hand, promotes general wellness, health, and an enjoyment of sex, rather meeting a standardized criteria for disorder and hoping a pill would fix it.

The more I thought about it, the more unclenching your uterus with cannabinoids made perfect sense.
"There is difficulty getting drugs approved for women in general—this has been a decades-old challenge," Dr. Berman explained. "The approval of drugs for women is lagging far behind that for men. The causes are not so much that they are discriminatory against women—there is actually a higher degree of caution with women, due to reproductive health and safety concerns."

This degree of caution can inhibit progress in research, development, and treatment. Another roadblock is that sexual arousal and pleasure are not life-or-death issues, but rather quality of life ones. The common devil's advocate argument is that Viagra has been FDA-approved to treat erectile dysfunction since the early 1990s, but treatment for female sexual dysfunction has been met with resistance and skepticism.

"There have been numerous studies linking erectile dysfunction to cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes," Dr. Berman said, explaining how ED can be linked to fatal medical problems for men. "The female problems surrounding sexual satisfaction and desire are not acknowledged in the same way as [those surrounding] male erectile dysfunction, because the scientific community has yet to make a link between female sexual arousal problems and medical problems that put the female at risk."

Foria may have started with the intention of amping up the female orgasm, but now it has grown into something bigger. I always wrote off the pot enthusiasts as pusher hippies who were too stoned to know any better than to preach the healing powers of cannabis. But Berman is no hippie, and neither is Gerson. The more I thought about it, the more unclenching your uterus with cannabinoids made perfect sense. Besides, it seems a lot better for me in the long run than a Valium, a hot water bottle, and a bunch of whining.

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