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'The Marijuana Show' highlights brilliant weed inventions 

Vices | February 28, 2017 | By Reilly Capps

The best businesses on Shark Tank (the ABC reality show matching hungry startups with greedy investors) have an elevator pitch, their idea boiled down to one irresistible sentence.

The Marijuana Show — now in its second season and streaming on Amazon Prime — has it: it's the "Shark Tank For Weed."

Especially if you're in the marijuana business, the show might strike you as a step up from Shark Tank. Because while the megawatt stars aren't there, it's more than just manufactured reality show drama. It highlights the enormous (and still somehow under-tapped) potential of the cannabis plant, and of those who love it.

On the show, hopeful business people from every corner of the cannabis world compete to sell a percentage of their company in exchange for an investment from established industry people, including Jamie Perino, co-founder of Euflora cannabis dispnsaries; Brian Ruden, owner of Starbuds; and Joel Sherlock of Doventi Capital, which invests in legal weed.

It's reality TV that feels very real. And, as Karen Paull, one of the producers and hosts, points out to us, they offered more money to contestants than Shark Tank one season. "We smoked Shark Tank," she says.

Perhaps that's why "The Marijuana Show" is so chock-full of examples of how great the marijuana business can be. After all, we're talking about a plant that has surpassed our wildest expectations of it. So far, it's been used to improve orgasms — yes, Foria the weed lube actually works better than Big Pharma's "female Viagra" — gotten a generation of young people interested in botany and organic agriculture, and given great jobs and purpose to people with real problems, and who find in it real solutions.  
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