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Grass for Your Ass: The Case for Cannabis Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are a thing.

You may have initially heard about them when Foria released their medicated weed tampons last year to help alleviate PMS. But cannabis suppositories aren’t only for women. With both rectal and vaginal applications, they’re gaining traction alongside medicated massage oil or juicing raw cannabis leaves as another one of the increasingly creative ways people are ingesting weed.

Still, it’s up for debate whether suppositories are the most effective way to reap the plant’s benefits. According to HelloMD, a network of medical marijuana doctors, suppositories vastly outcompete other forms of ingestion, with a 50 to 70 percent efficiency rate as compared with 10 to 20 percent for inhaling or eating cannabis.

THC’s bioavailability — the proportion of the compound that enters a person’s blood circulation — is already lower than you might think. When you smoke a joint, only about 10 to 35 percent of the available THC in the bud will actually absorb into the bloodstream. It’s even less when you eat cannabis: Just four to 12 percent of the ingested THC enters the bloodstream. (Yet, that’s not to say edibles are less effective. Eating cannabis can have a more powerful effect because digestive enzymes transform the THC into 11-THC-Hydroxy, a rather psychedelic metabolite.)

As proven with Foria, cannabis suppositories can be great for women’s menstrual cramps, or a good alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to smoke or vape. For patients who can’t swallow capsules or don’t want to take edibles, suppositories could also be a good option. Moreover, they come with “zero head high,” according to Paula-Noël Macfie, founder of Back Door Medicine.

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  • Gabby Lopez

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