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True Testimonials 


Oh my was fantastic. I'm multi-orgasmic anyway, but this was insane. When you use it, you'd better have your partner or a sex object close at hand, because you aren't going to want to wait, and it is exquisite. Wave after wave, and if you've never discovered your g-spot (or those other inner-vaginal spots) before, you are in for such a delirious treat.

Valerie Stone

I have endometriosis that returned after having a partial hysterectomy. When I have flare ups, besides excruciating pain, I look pregnant and the inflammation affects my bladder. Foria is one of the very few things that brings me relief! You should share more of it's uses. It's not just good for orgasm


I started feeling heightened sensations about 25 minutes into our foreplay, but after about 40 minutes I could tell it really kicked in and my entire body was on fire. My clit was extra-sensitive (but not over-sensitized) and every thrust felt magical. The build up was very powerful, and when the orgasm came it was stronger than ever and rippled through my body from the tips of my toes to my eyelashes. I think it's safe to say that I felt that orgasm through my eyelashes. That's how powerful it was.


To sum up: It. Was. Epic. I feel like I fell in love all over again. The connection was intense, fast-acting and allowed me to enjoy mulitple occasions of high-frequency, long-lasting waves pulsing through my body (a rarity for us as a couple, let's be real) Before eventually collapsing, out of breath, next to my lover. Get FORIA.




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Foria. The First Marijuana Infused Personal Lubricant for Her Pleasure is Here.






I woke up this morning in a lot of pain due to menstrual cramps and immediately used the product. I have always really struggled with the incredible pain of cramps and this has definitely been the most effective method in ridding the pain.


All of the muscles that had been cramped and clenched so tight gradually released and my body relaxed. Where I had been painfully aware of every inch of my midsection, suddenly it felt as though I had no midsection at all. From my waist down to my thighs, it was almost as if my groin had simply dissolved and was floating in some galaxy far, far away. 


Speaking from personal experience, Foria Relief provided me with better pain relief than any other cannabis product I have tried to date. Given that I am working within the cannabis industry, it is not a stretch to say I have tried many different products.


Within a few short minutes, I found myself lying in a state of borderline bliss on the bathroom floor. Never have I been so content to relax on the bathroom rugs—staring into the ceiling trying to register just how and why this whole getting your vagina concept actually came to be. With this newfound level of intimacy between myself and Mary Jane now established, all I could do was be thankful for the abdominal pain that was fading into the background and my lower back muscles loosening up—saying see ya later to the previous two days’ discomfort.